In response to these challenging times, Harrison Assessments is offering Career Navigator System access at no cost. Watch the video below to learn more.


What does the Harrison Career Navigator include:

Discover Your Genuine Strengths
The Your Greatest Strengths report describes the behaviors you already have that are genuine strengths for you. Some of the strengths described are paradoxical pairs of traits where two strengths seem to be opposites but in fact are complementary. These true strengths can provide you with an advantage in different situations.
Develop Your Career
We all need to continue to develop ourselves in order to maximise our performance and success. The Career Development report provides an overview of your preferred tasks, interests, interpersonal skills, motivations and leadership tendencies.
Explore Careers You Will Love
Provides a list of careers and an indication of how likely you are to enjoy each career by comparing your career preferences and interests to the tasks and interests related to work satisfaction and success for a career path. There are 700+ careers listed, each with a percentage score in order of enjoyment. Shortlist the careers that sound interesting and use the Career Enjoyment Analysis report to investigate further into exactly what you will and will not like about that career.
Connect with Employers
You will be able to register your interest for career types you have shortlisted and employers will email you an invitation to apply.

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